The Best Home Espresso Machine

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I recently discovered what I believe is the best home espresso machine that a person can buy without “breaking the bank”. If you’re thinking of getting an espresso maker for your home, you may find my story helpful…

Discover the best home espresso machine that you can own without breaking the bank! I grew up in a small Texas town just across the Sabine River from the swamps of south Louisiana. The culture in my small town was more Cajun than Texan, as the people from south Louisiana had settled there for the many jobs offered by the local oil and gas refineries in the area.

Now…Cajun people love strong, hot, black coffee, and that’s the only kind that was served in our house. It was a dark roasted blend of coffee and chicory from the Seaport coffee company. As a child, I remember my father telling me that you could drink one cup of my mother’s coffee and all you needed for the rest of the day was hot water!

Anyway…Making the jump from dark roast Seaport to espresso wasn’t much of a stretch. A small cafe opened in town that offered espresso all day (this was before the likes of Starbucks became so common), and I found myself there much too often.

These days, Starbuck’s, The Coffee Bean, and many others, are on every street corner and espresso flows 24 hours a day. The coffee is good, made to order, and very expensive. At least, for an espresso drinking country girl like me!

So…I decided that it would be best (and, less expensive) if I bought a machine and made my own.

I bought a manual stovetop pot from Amazon and set about learning to make espresso in my own kitchen. And, I can tell you that it was a real learning experience!

My coffee was okay, but there was no danger of me putting Starbuck’s out of business…if you know what I mean!

For some years, I drifted along alternating my homemade drink with the expensive store-bought stuff that I couldn’t afford. Several times, I looked into buying a real expresso maker, but they were soooo expensive! A person could spend thousands of dollars just to be able to make good espresso at home!

Then, finally, Mr Coffee introduced their espresso machine for less than $50. I couldn’t get one fast enough!

Believe Me!   It was way better than the stuff I was making, but still wasn’t “coffee shop” good. I started to feel that the problem was not the espresso makers, but was “operator error” instead! What I needed was a “idiot-proof” espresso maker!

And…I found one! Thanks to my friend Geraldine, a fellow espresso addict that I met at Starbuck’s a year or so ago.

Meet the De’Longhi 15in. Bar Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Machine – The Best Home Espresso Machine That I’ve Ever Seen!

Meet the De'Longhi 15in. Bar Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Machine - The Best Home Espresso Machine That I've Ever Seen!My first encounter with this amazing machine was actually in Geraldine’s kitchen. We were at The Coffee Bean one afternoon and she mentioned that she had ordered a new machine from and expected it to be delivered that day.

I’m not sure of exactly when it arrived, but it was three days before she called and invited me over to check it out.

Trust Me! It was worth the wait!

This small machine was making “coffee shop quality” espresso on Geraldine’s kitchen counter. She had ordered some
Lavazza Italian espresso with the machine, and it was amazing!

I ordered one for myself that very day!

I’ve had it for several months now and love it! A few of the many benefits include:

  • The machine maintains the optimal temperature so you can brew cup after cup instantly (especially important first thing in the morning!)
  • The filter holder that comes with the machine allows for single shots, double shots, and even one that accommodates K-Cup style coffee pods, if you want to go that way. I still prefer Lavazza Italian Espresso, But that’s just me.
  • You can create a creamy froth by simply selecting “cappuccino” or “hot milk”, and the frother will adjust the level of foam on its own.
  • The bottom tray of the unit is easy to adjust or remove to fit taller cups (important if you’re an espresso addict, like me!). And, best of all…
  • It brews barista-quality espresso, cappuccino, and lattes right on my kitchen counter!

Personally, I feel that the De’Longhi ECP3630 Espresso Machine is the best home espresso maker for me!

Check out the short visual tour below, then order one for yourself today!