Electric Pepper Grinders: Better Pepper, Less Work

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Some folks think that using an electric pepper grinder is a sign of a lazy cook.

I assure you….that is not true! Any cook, from a master chef to a simple country cook like me, knows that the coarseness of pepper will depend on the dish being prepared.

For instance, you might want a courser grind on your salad, but a finer grind on your morning breakfast eggs & taters.

An electric pepper grinder can easily provide both while requiring the minimum amount of work from you!

And, that makes you a smart cook, not a lazy one.

The best part, at least for me, is the fact that even the high end grinders are very affordable and available to just about anyone.

To prove that point, below are images from around cyberspace of electric pepper grinders from some of the larger online retailers. I intentionally shied away from the “Big Names” because, very often, you pay a premium to buy from them just because of the name.

If you see one that strikes your interest, simply click on the image for more information…